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Security and Privacy
The information you are about to access is confidential in nature. Effort has been made by RxBenefits, Incorporated to protect the security and privacy of this information. However, these measures will not protect any information that you use or disclose. This information may only be used and disclosed for the purposes authorized by your employer. If you are not authorized, do not proceed. If you have any questions regarding your authority to view or change this information, please contact RxBenefits.
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Security Enhancements Coming December 11, 2019
Action Needed: Please validate that your email address is correct in DataNet prior to December 11th. At that time, new login instructions will be provided.
Why: RxBenefits is committed to maintaining the highest level of security for your members and their data.
What’s Changing: We are implementing additional security authentication functionality in DataNet that will require you to use your email address as your User ID.
If you are a RxBenefits client and would like to register your company, please contact RxBenefits.
Technical Support
For technical support, please contactitsupport@rxbenefits.com.
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